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mujo is a story teller, traveller, husband, father and pugilist. He speaks five languages, sets out of place vertebra, and over-indulges his red wine. Pretty much all of this is reflected in his writing.

His stories are at once personal and intimate, yet distinctly alien in their perspective. He can both draw you in and repulse you with the same imagery.

Sample some of mujo’s short fiction free of charge:

XXX: How far would anyone go to prove a point? Science says, all the way.

Tiger Cage: We had the misfortune of seeing the documentary footage this story was inspired by. Read with caution.

Long Jumpers: Author as part time philosopher and women's right advocate? You decide.

These stories are what mujo calls 'Copy-this-Right' documents. Which is to say; don't mess around with them. Read them and share them without restriction, but please do keep them intact. Click here for more info about Copy-this-Right
And if you can handle more:

The blog: putnik san

The site:

Born in Melbourne, mujo has lived in Berlin and Milan, and is currently residing with his wife and daughter in Lausanne, Switzerland.